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iosamabin laden is gone. he also said we'd end the war in iraq responsibly. we've done that. he has protected civilians in libya, and qaddafi is gone. i serve up at the united nations, and i see every day the difference in how countries around the world view the united states. they view us as a partner. they view us as somebody they want to work with. they view president obama as somebody they trust. our standing in the world is much stronger so it charge of weakness is really quite baseless. >> schieffer: do you think mitt romney spoke inappropriately when he criticized and issued a statement so early in this turmoil? >> bob, i think you know, in my role, i'm not going to jump into politics and make those judgments. that's for the american people to decide. >> schieffer: madam ambassador thank you for being with us. >> thank you very much. >> schieffer: and joining us now for his take on all this, the ranking republican on the senate armed services committee, john mccain. senator, you've got to help me out here. the president of libya says that this was something that had been in t
the profit mohammad. protests have spread to nine countries from yemen or the storm the u.s. embassy to iraq and egypt in cairo protesters clashed with police the state department prices for bigger protests tomorrow following friday prayers. >>> will learn more about who is behind the assault on the u.s. consulate in libya elizabeth cook on who they are and how they infiltrated what was supposed to be a secret safe house. >>> a deputy minister said the attacks were organized a two- part operation by heavily-armed militants he said they may have been kept off to the location by the safe house by espy within the security force. >>> a radical islamic group is the leading suspect in the attack the name means " supporters of islamic law " officials described as offshoot of al qaeda. one of the attackers photographed at the scene. officials have made arrests. the fbi begins the investigation by interviewing the 30 american survivors who are now at a u.s. military base in germany. the attacker struck at 10:00 p.m. tuesday and were within the compound firing on the main building where ambassador chr
happen my heart goes out to their family >>> anne mackovic cbs 5 >>> one of the dead is days in in iraq this year insurgents have killed 90 people and injured 360 in attacks on security forces. no group and it'd be clan responsibility but iraq's interior ministry blamed al qaeda. pakistan says it has pushed militants back across the border into afghanistan this comes after more than two weeks of fighting in the madness region the u.s. as more than 100 people killed in the offensive. the u.s. is called on afghan and that of forces to do more from crossing into the country. one of the american commandos to help kill osama bin laden's talks about the mission, in an interview with 60 minutes the former navy seal talks about he took pictures to prove osama bin laden's was dead. >>> these are the most important voters i would take so make sure i did it right and get good and goals you clean off the face cell is identifiable as possible. took a sheet of the bed and what the blood off and took photos >>> wiping the blood of osama bin laden's face and shot pictures of his face in profile can you
. be light and fit and satisfied. >> in iraq one of the bloodiest days since troops withdrew. insurgents launched 21 separate bombings and shootings in a dozen cities on sunday. more than 90 people were killed, more than 360 wounded. the attacks come on the same day iraq's vice president was sentenced to die. the violence is unrelenting in syria. two bombs exploded simultaneously. 17 people were killed and 40 wounded. syrian war planes bombed several apartment buildings. >>> cbs money watch. shell begins drilling this morning in alaska, online celebrity search danger. >> reporter: good morning. overseas stocks were flat ahead of expected stimulus from the federal reserve. tokyo's nikkei was young changed. jobs report may be welcomed by investors. they are hoping continued weak job growth could spur the federal reserve to stimulate the economy. dow closed out a strong week by gaining 14 points while the nasdaq stayed flat. royal dutch shell has started drilling for oil off the coast of alaska. it's the first time in more than 20 years drilling has taken place. four years ago shell paid ne
. >> in your world, the u.s. specter general for iraq says there is no is actually getting there. he says some of the money may have been lost or stolen or diverted to the insurgency. it was a deadly sunday in iraq, more than 90 people were reported killed yesterday in at least 21 separate bombings and shootings in 13 cities. the country's interior ministry believes al qaeda in iraq is behind the attacks. a motorcycle police officer has died in florida after being hit by picked up working on president obama's motorcade. he was a 28 year veteran. he was struck yesterday in west palm beach while helping to shut down part of interstate 95. so far no charges have been filed against the pickup driver. schools in chicago are open today but the teachers are not there. more than 26,000 chicago teachers are staging their first strike in 26 years. talks broke down last night ending months of tense negotiations. the district is offering a 2 percent pay raise over four years but the union wants 19%. with a look at the roadways. >> not too bad even though you can tell that school is definitely back in sess
is well and thriving in some places including iraq, including in syria where there's more and more of those kinds of people coming in, including mali and including other parts of the middle east. and it's just disgraceful that we would say that an attack such as this on space was a result of a demonstration. >> disgraceful is a strong word to use, senator. you've never shied away from using strong words. >> i never have. >> how can you say that you know -- >> how can you say when there's an attack with mortars and heavy weapons. >> is libya awash -- >> anybody who understands warfare, anybody who has the fundamental understanding of warfare knows that that's not a spontaneous demonstration. that's how, nora. >> as you know -- is libya awash with weapons? >> yes, it is. >> what susan wright said over a number of the shows over the weekend that i know you criticized. >> i was on just after her so i know what she said she said they had no evidence that it was a spontaneous demonstration. how can you say that when mortar and heavy weapons are used and it's a result of a spontaneous dem
example. where we bring our troops home from afghanistan just as we proudly did from iraq. a future, a future where we fulfill the only truly sacred obligation we have as a nation, only truly sacred obligation we have is to prepare those who we send to war and care for them when they come home from war. and tonight-- ( applause ) tonight, tonight i want to acknowledge-- i want to acknowledge, as we should every night, the incredible debt we owe to the families of those 6,four 73 fallen angels. those 49,746 wounded. thousands critically. thousands who will need our help for the rest of their lives. folks, we never-- me must never, ever forget their sacrifice, and always keep them in our care and in our prayers. my fellow americans, we now-- we now-- we now find ourselves at the hinge of history, and the direction we turn is not figuratively, it's literally if your hands. it has been a truly great honor to serve you and to serve with barack, who has always stood up with you for the past four years. i've seen him tested. i know his strength, his command, his faith. and i also know the
, i promised ton end the war in iraq. we did. [ cheers and applause ]ed to i promised to refocus on the terrorists who actually attacked us on 9/11. us on and we have. [ cheers and applause ] a new tower rises above the new al york skyline. al qaeda is on the path to to defeat. and osama bin laden is dead.or mor >> reporter: he asked for more create time to create more jobs and reduce the debt. he he accused his republican opponents, mitt romney and paul ryan of trying to sell t platitudes instead of a plan. >> all they had to offer is the sa same prescriptions they've had for the last 30 years. have have a surplus? try a tax cut. defici deficit too high? try another. feel a cold coming on?cuts take two tax cuts, roll back l us some regulations, and call us in the morning.r. >> reporter: in his harshest attack, mr. obama implied that governor romney was ill prepared for the world >> you don't call russia our number one enemy. not al qaeda, russia. unless you're still stuck in a cold war mind warp. you might not be ready for jing if diplomacy with beijing i
foreign policy milestones, the end of the combat mission in iraq. he did not mention governor combey by name but president obama did challenge romney's harsh assessment of his leadership abroad. >> if you hear anyone trying to fay that america is in decline or that our influence has waned don't you believe it. here's the truth, our alliances t you bver been stronger. >> reporter: obama campaign paignials rebuked romney today inr failing to even mention the troops, veterans or the conflicts in iraq and afghanistan in his convention laidh. in texas, the president laid out fis criteria for future engagement. >> in a world of serious threats, i will never hesitate to use force to defend the united states of america or our interests. at the same time, i will only ilnd you into harm's way when it is absolutely necessary. and when we do, we will give you the equipment and the clear mission and the smart strategy and the support back home that you need to get the job done. (cheers and applause) we owe you that. >> reporter: the president will spend this labor day weekend stumping in several
to do what we did in iraq. and no one wants to do that again. what you're seeing in all these arab states really, bob, is you take out the dictator. and there's nothing underneath. there's no civil society. they're all one version of a failed state after another. and what they all need is some kind of midwife or some kind of mandela to pull them together and bring them into the modern world. they have none. now, what really scares me when i look at egypt eye just came from china, as you know-- you look where china is today. china is not sit back and looking-- egypt was ahead of china 50 years ago. egypt can't even see china today. so now we're going to go through a period where the muslim brotherhood has to say we have to figure out islam and we have our followers. guys, you know how close we are to the united states, one more situation like this, the united states will pull out. these countries are in real danger, bob, of falling behind exponentially in this globalized world today. un, there's a saying in environmentalism that really applies to them-- we have exactly enough time s
news" continues. >> jeff: it was a day of horrific violence in iraq. in attacks stretching across at least 11 cities from bag good to basra, more-- baghdad to basra more than 360 were hurt, the attackers targeted iraqi security force, many civilials were killed, al qaeda is being blamed for attacks. in syria aleppo came under fierce air attack again. amateur video claims to show the results of a government attack, crowds pulling victims from the rubble. in addition 17 others were killed when a car bomb exploded in aleppo. we have received a series of dramatic photos from our partner the world news web site globalpost which show how a neighborhood in aleppo was transformed in just seconds. first a number of family members were washing down a street in aleppo, they are alerted to something, a government tank approaching. so they grab their arms. the tank fires first, hitting the rebels, only one survives. the others lie dead on the street. they just washed. >> secretary of state clinton met with president vladimir putin of russia this weekend urging him to help end the conflict in s
-american demonstrations also broke out in iraq. >> there is no justification, not at all, for responding to this video with violence. >> secretary of state hillary clinton appealed for calm and express to the muslim world that the film in question does not represent the u.s. government. >> this video is disgusting and reprehensible >> the state department is bracing for even bigger protests following friday prayer in the middle east. thursday president obama said he ordered all the necessary steps to protect americans abroad. tuesday night, violence at the u.s. consulate in libya left four americans dead including ambassador chris stevens. libyan authorities reported they have made some arrests >> i saw those press reports before i came down, i was not able to confirm them, but it would be a good thing if we're starting to move forward >> the fbi opened an investigation as officials try to sort out whether this is a protest that got out of hand or an organized terrorist attack. a government source says the fbi is sending investigators to germany to interview libyan and u.s. consulate personnel who wer
the iraqi city of amarah today leaving 16 dead. a wave of attacks across iraq thought to have been launched by sunni insurgents and al qaeda has claimed nearly 60 lives. chicago public school teachers are threatening to walk off the job. the strike is scheduled to begin tomorrow morning. if it does, the city's 402,000 students will be sent to holding centers for four hours each school day. a pair of tornadoes roared through the waterfront neighborhoods of new york city yesterday. that almost never happens. twisters knocked out power and broke some windows but no injuries were reported. looks like bermuda will be spared the worst of tropical storm lesley. the storm is gaining strength but should past to the east of the island before petering out in the atlantic. leaving london in triumph. last night he won the 400 meter final at the para-olympic games. he competed in the olympics earlier this summer. as for the rest of today's weather, most of the country will be sunny and somewhat cooler. the week ahead shows storms in the south and rising temperatures in the north. next... >> what happened
continue in cairo. >> demonstrations across the region from iran and iraq to gaza, to yemen, to libya and morocco. >> and violence is putting u.s. embassies across the middle east on high alert. >> libyan officials state four arrests have been made in the attack on the u.s. consulate. >> ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the attack. >> they were good and brave men. >> the federal reserve, planning to buy up mortgage debt to get the economy rolling. it will spend $40 billion a month on bonds until home buying is affordable again. >> investors certainly like what they heard. the dow rose yesterday, finishing up 206 points. >> what bernanke is doing is saying what the president is doing is wrong. president saying the economy is coming back. bernanke is saying, no, it's not. i've got to print more money. >> do you think there's a chance you could lose this election? >> oh, absolutely. >> duke and duchess of cambridge seem to be angry after a french magazine publish nude photos of kate. >>> bear has a dramatic evening, climbing trees and taking a dip in a sw
, security forces fired warning shots and blasted the crowd was water. thousands marched in iraq and indonesia and through the streets of gaza, in egypt violence has flared four days before his promise to protect diplomatic facilities. especially after the attack on the american consulate in libya that killed a u.s. ambassador and three staff members. the remains of those four americans will ride back on american soil this afternoon. hillary clinton heads to andrews airforce base to receive them. the loss of the ambassador has been a very personal blow to clinton, it was her decision to station him in libya. >> i send chris itheir to inform our government about what we can do to bring freedom and democracy and opportunities to the people of libya. >> the fbi is investigating what happened there to determine whether terrorists hijacked a demonstration and turned it into a deadly attack. danielle nottingham, cbs 2's, the state department. >> danielle nottingham said that the bodies will return to the united states, we showed you live pictures of those bodies here. president obama h
decades as a navy seal serving multiple tours in iraq and afghanistan glendora the went by bubka also a former steel and experience paramedic. she sate for last the ambassador she had and selected to help the libyan people build a new government >>> i was honored to know ambassador chris stevens know not just for his courage before smile and goofy but contagious for his sense of fun and that california cool. >>> president obama call the four victims patriots refused to back down in danger. >>> to you their families and colleagues to all americans know that is, their sacrifice will never be forgotten. we will bring to justice those who took them from us. >>> to the strains of " america the beautiful " the remains were loaded into hearses and flown to delaware dover air base. nancy cordes cbs news the white house. >>> coming up a spiritual retreat gone wrong bay area a teenager is it takes a trip to peru and never seen alive again a shaman reveals what happened. >>> amazon will slap a sales tax and less than one hour on california shoppers we found a loophole to let you get away without
. >> in iraq more unrest. demonstrators in baghdad torched an american flag and in cairo egypt, police used tear gas to hold back thousands of angry protesters. at the secretary of state hillary clinton said again today that there is no justification for violence. but also addressed the video. >> we absolutely reject its contents, and message. >> tuesday night, violence at the u.s. consulate in libya and left four americans dead, including ambassador chris stevens, u.s. officials are trying to sort out what, if any role the protest against the film may have played or whether a terrorist group with ties to al qaeda organized the attack. american investigators are already there, and now to two u.s. warships in the league marines are on their way to assist with security. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the state department. in other bay area headlines, the driver of a truck that hit and killed a pedestrian this weekend is now out of jail. the 53 year-old was released last night because no charges were ever filed. he may be arrested again after the investigation is finished. san jose city leader
of leadership in the region. today senator john mccain called the white house disengaged. >> we're leaving iraq, we're leaving afghanistan, we're leaving the area. the people in the area are having to adjust. and they believe the united states is weak. and they are taking appropriate action. >> reporter: as the administration tries to contain the damage, the white house has asked google, the youtube parent company to review the anti-muslim film that sparked those initial protests in egypt and libya. google temporarily blocked the video in those two countries but says the film does not violate its terms of use and it will remain on-line, jeff. >> jeff: anna werner, thank you. >> the libyan president east also told bob schieffer today that his government has arrested roughly 50 people for the again bazzee-- benghazi attack and at least some of them are from other countries. our charlie d'agata is in benghazi tonight. charlie, what more are you hearing about who is responsible? >> well, a top libyan official told us today, jeff, that members within the militant groupance ar-al shariya are suspects
in a massive demonstration in iraq. muslims called the 14 minute movie trailer an attack on their religion and they're bound to protest. >> the great soda pop exchange happening in the bay area >> mobile 5 is live as the iphone five hits the,, >> mobile 5 and iphone 5, live at union square as the winds continue to grow. iphone enthusiasts anxious to get their hands on the new product. today, the first day it could be purchased anywhere in the world so we were there this morning when the doors opened. fans actually helped employees countdown. for those who had been waiting outside for days, they say it was well worth it. >> it feels like a massive burden has been lifted from my shoulders >> i actually ended up getting to them. >> analysts predict that apple will sell 10 million of them this weekend alone. >> more than 700 women will take part in the annual see jane run triathlon in pleasanton and water quality is a big concern for the swimming portion. in july, test samples showed that chloroform bacteria exceeded health standards. but dissidents are warned not to swallow any water and show
artillery soldiered i was stationed in fort sill oklahoma, sent to the second wave of invasion in iraq i came back from war and nothing was relevant my whole world view and perspective fell out it was rebuilding. part of the rebuilding to take the uniform that personal memory and component and redefine it. some folks carry the intention of having it releasing or cathartic for some folks in has that capacity i struggle with how to give this fiber proper commemoration. a lot of the memories were difficult to verbalize, so great of art practice makes is specifically for me help to develop a language i can speak to military culture experience and wartime experience as well as experience with the people who share the sacrifice and connection. a lot of stories in the fibers. >>> combat paper open to the public tuesday through saturday in san francisco at southern exposure you can corrector on military combat paper details at cbs s f dot com. >>> roberta gonzales here what we can expect weather wise >>> 58 degrees at half moon bay, 93 in livermore, good evening, outside we have the moon, 64 per
said i would end the war in iraq. i did. i said we would go after al qaeda. they've been decimated. that we would go after bin laden. he's gone. so i've executed on my foreign policy and it's one that the american people largely agree with. so if governor romney is suggesting that we should start another war, he should say so. >> for his part romney described how he would decide whether to send u.s. forces into combat. >> number one, a very substantial american interest at stake. number two a clear definition of our mission. number three, a clear definition of how we'll know when our mission is complete. number four, providing the resources to make sure that we can carry out that mission effectively, overwhelming resources and finally a clear understanding of what will be left after we leave. >> you can watch all of the "60 minutes" interviews with president obama and mitt romney online at >>> here in new york the 67th annual session of the united nations general assembly opens today. 116 heads of state will attend. president obama hosts a reception tonight and address
to the day that mr. obama marked the end of major combat operations in iraq. he never mentioned romney by name friday but he did take on romney's charge at the convention that mr. obama has weakened the standing in the world and let down u.s. allies. >> if you or anyone is trying to say america is in dee cland or the influence waned, don't you believe it. here's the truth. our alliances have never been stronger. at a campaign stop in lakeland, florida, romney accused the president of breaking promises for the debt. to boost incomes. >> you listen to the last guy running for president, he laid out what he would do, he didn't do it. time to give someone new a chance. hold us accountable. >> reporter: obama officials tell us that the president is still working on crafting his campaign speech and that it will not be filled with what they call petty attacks at the swipe of governor romney, but instead, it will make an affirmative case, rebecca and chip for why the president should be re-elected. >> nancy cordes in des moines, iowa. thank you. >>> major garrett is joining us from charlotte n
threat, iraq. and so there are presidential daily briefs that are literally saying, no, they're wrong. this isn't fake. it's real. >> when a lot of people hear this, aren't they going to say this is another example of where, not just the bush administration, but our intelligence community dropped the ball and failed to heed the warnings that were in a number of these that went all the way up to the president of the united states? >> cia did a spectacular job. that's what really comes down. in the aftermath, the white house and others said, well, they didn't tell us enough. no, they told them everything they needed to know to go on a full alert. and the white house didn't do it. >> senior correspondent john miller, former fbi deputy director joins us now. what do you make of this? >> i think what kurt has stumbled into here say bit of a well-worn path. we knew some of that. what he has added is the granularity of the actual memos and some of the actual words that were there in some of the white house and national security team. richard clark, who was the national security adviser for t
. i've been to iraq and afghanistan. i've met with our troops to get their spfs. i've been to the funerals. i've talked to the widows. i've talked to the wives and moms and dads. that's something. that matters. i take this very seriously. i've done doing this for 14 years. >> who do you, america's number one enemy is? >> i think a nuclear iran is our biggest foreign policy threat today. >> the reason i ask you that is mitt romney was criticized during the democratic national convention for saying russia is without question our number one geopolitical foe. so do you disagree with mitt romney? >> no, i think what he was saying was among the other powers-- china and russia-- that russia stands a great threat. look, i think sending our foreign policy decisions to be cleared through the u.n. security council where we're giving iran and china-- excuse me, russia and china, veto clout over us. that's not good policy. so what we have done through our foreign policy for the obama administration is we've increase the clout in the card of russia and china. i think that was a mistake.
competed, 20 american veterans of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. mark phillips introduces us to one of them. >> the wonder of these swimmers is not how fast they go. for at least one, it's how fast he got here. brandon snyder, a paralympic champion now. exactly a year ago he was championing another cause, the u.s. military effort in afghanistan. his job? the hurt locker. defusing the taliban's deadly hidden bombs. the one he didn't see was the last time he saw anything. >> i recall the entirety of the event. i remember the actual blast itself. i remember waking up on the ground. >> so from the point when you initially came to after the blast, you still had some vision? >> just a little bit in my left eye, correct. shortly thereafter, it went away. >> and never came back. you're totally unsighted now? >> still looking for it. >> still looking for it. 28-year-old navy lieutenant bradley snyder was on the naval academy's swim team when he was at annapolis. within five weeks of being blinded by the blast, he was back in the pool. >> it started as just a friendly, like, let's show my fam
. president has gotten us out of iraq. s we getting us out of afghanistan. we've got free trade agreements in latin america we have a president that brilliantly dealt with the situation in libya, with the arab spring. we have solid relations with china and russia. we're competitive with both. but we're not going to be like governor romney who says on his first day he's going to start a trade war with china. and our biggest geopolitical foe is russia. just those words as enervating and putting a lot of people nervous. i think what this president has done is restored our prestige abroad. we're leaders but we're collaborating with other nations. nato, europe, we're all tackling this economic crisis internationally together. outreach to the third world, to africa, asia, latin america. the president is not running overseas, but everywhere you go, all around the world-- and i travel a lot-- the international community wants to see this president re-elected. obviously, we've got to do it here. >> schieffer: all right, well, i want to thank all of you. >> thank you, bob. >> schieffer: we'll be bac
in iraq and afghanistan. and then, scott, finally one interesting thing that i heard today about this convention that kicks off here tonight is that there will be these two big speeches that will give some deep insight into who barack obama is. michelle obama's going to be the one who talks about the personal stuff. then vice president joe biden on thursday will talk about the thursday will talk about the president as commander in chief and his accomplishments. >> pelley: thank you, norah. you may recall mitt romney went to the convention hall last week to watch the well received speech of his wife, ann. well, president obama will not be here tonight. we asked nancy cordes to find out why. nancy? >> reporter: well, scott, it's because the first daughters have their first day of school today. in fact, the president's older daughter malia had her first day as a full fledged high school student. he stayed here to hold down the fort although when he was at a rally in norfolk, virginia, today he joked that perhaps the first lady's speech tonight will be better than his. >> you know, t
-- known to most as rone-- spent two decades as a navy seal, serving multiple tours in iraq and afghanistan. glen doherty-- who went by ic.b"-- was also a former seal and an experienced paramedic. d- reporter: she saved for last yan ambassador she had hand- selected to help the libyan >> i w build a new government. hris steveonored to know was knoor chris stevens. he was known not only for his courage but for his smile-- goofy but contagious. for for his sense of fun and that california cool. >> rep >> reporter: mrs. clinton condemned the ongoing violence outside u.s. embassies in the , libya,orld. >> the people of egypt, libya, yemen, and tunisia did not trade the tyranny of a dictator for the tyranny of a mob. >> >> reporter: president obama selled the four victims "patriots who refused to back down in the face of danger." >> to you, their families and colleagues, to all americans, be forhis: their sacrifice will never be forgotten. we will bring to justice those who took them from us. rains orter: then, to the l," the of "america the oaded ful," the four sets of remains were loaded into
american veterans of the wars in iraq and afghanistan are competing in the para olympics in london. mark phillips met one with an incredible story. >> the wonder of the swimmers is not how fast they go, for at least one is how fast he got here, bradley snyder, a paralympics champion now, exactly one year ago he was championing another cause, the u.s. military effort in afghanistan. his job, the hurt clocker, diffusing the taleban deadly hidden bombs. the one that he did not see was the last time he saw anything. >> i recall the entirety of the event, i remember the actual blast itself and remember waking up on the ground. >> from the point when you initially came to after the blast, you still had some vision? >> a little bit in my left eye, correct, shortly thereafter it went away. >> it never came back? >> still looking for it. >> the 28 year-old navy lieutenant bradley snyder was on the naval academy swim team at annapolis, within five weeks of being blinded by the blast ... he was back in the pool. >> it started as just a friendly " let's show my family and friends that i am ok ". let
speech last night. he mentioned ending the war in iraq, killing osama bin laden, and he said his opponents are, as he put it, new to foreign policy. >> from all that we've seen and heard, they want to take us back to an era of blustering and blundering that cost america so dearly. after all, you don't call russia our number-one enemy-- not al qaeda, russia-- (laughter) -- unless you're still stuck in a cold war mind warp. >> pelley: right up there with al qaeda on america's lists of enemies is a family-run militant group on the border of afghanistan and pakistan, the haqqani network. today the obama administration formally declared it a terrorist organization. david martin has been following the haqqanis for years. >> reporter: the haqqani network has been linked to some of the most spectacular terrorist attacks of the afghan war. this one last year on the u.s. embassy in kabul and this giant truck bomb set off at the entrance to an american outpost last june to maim just a few. so when secretary of state clinton interrupted a trip through asia to announce the haqqani network wou
visited section 60 at arlington national cemetery where american troops killed in iraq and afghanistan are buried. vice president biden attended a memorial at the crash site of flight 93 in shanksville, pennsylvania, where 40 passengers sacrificed themselves to defeat the hijackers. later in this broadcast, chip reid will have the story of one of the victims and a discovery on her computer, a dream that is now being fulfilled. now, imagine this: the next president is about to take office when he suddenly disappears. well, it has just happened in china. everyone wants to know what has happened to xi jinping, the man who is supposed to take over next month. our state department correspondent margaret brennan has been looking into this. >> reporter: the last photo of the man expected to be china's next president, 59-year-old xi jinping, was taken on september 1. for the past ten days, he has not shown up at any scheduled public events. his apparent disappearance has sparked speculation in the world press. when asked about it at a news conference, a chinese foreign ministry spokesman refus
during a tour in iraq in 2005. i can feel it. he says removing it would have been too dangerous. does it cause you pain? >> oh, yeah, it's extremely painful. >> reporter: in a military hospital he got hooked on painkillers. >> at first i ended up taking them the way they prescribed them. then they stopped doing anything and i took twice as much as i was supposed to be taking. it's when you start running out halfway through and you're like, oh, my god, i'm addicted to opiates, i'm a junky. >> reporter: who would refill the prescriptions if you ran out halfway through? >> that's when we had to do the seedier things like dealing with drug dealers or getting... buying drugs off someone else that has painkillers. >> reporter: long entered an army treatment program but continued to abuse drugs. he was arrested and given a bad conduct discharge, which meant he couldn't get veterans benefits for future treatment of chronic pain and p.t.s.d. >> to be honest, you're too afraid to admit a drug problem to seek any type of help. >> reporter: today's report called the problem in military medicine a
muhammed. the u.s. as suspended u.s. patrols with afghan soldiers. but soldiers will not in iraq with the afghan counterparts. 51 coalition soldiers have been killed in such a tax this year. into this video shows the effort to save the u.s. ambassador to libya who was badly injured in last week's attack on libya conflict. it shows a group libyans trying to rescue chris stevens after finding can barely alive inside the consulate. the drove him to hospital where he was later pronounced dead. >>> the police chief of san jose and will soon turn and his badge. he's retiring after two years as the top cop in 30 years on and the force. >>> some so that she forced retirement or the timing of it isn't good for this city. san jose has had a late summer crime wave. there's some more well in the police department. what a cheap it retires in january he will have served nearly two years as serve as is called,. he's had to deal with budget cuts and layoffs and the san jose police department. 65 officers were laid off last year and the chief also cut the salary of the remaining officers but 10 p
returned to iraq as the extent of fire at the law offices of the mayor. authorities reportedly are asking for federal help in the investigation. >>> air quality officials are warning about a dirty air around the bay area it's a spare the air day people are urged to drive less and stay inside during the hardest part of the afternoon. talking to managers in gov. chris christina former house speaker on destination today critter for us the news continues on the c. w. network with another look at the state of the economy and a closer look at the jobs growth in california with an expert from st. mary's college of channel 44. in the meantime one last look at the weather. >>> as you look at it looks pretty warm today with temperatures near 100 degrees and if you look at the extended forecast a definitive break your going to have to wait to wednesday with near record highs of and that's nothing to many of those off as one day around the bay area. >>> i want to thank everybody for joining us face the nation this next on cbs 5 enjoyed your sunday. off
with the families who were lost on that day. i visited the graves of troops who made the ultimate sacrifice in iraq and afghanistan at the hallowed grounds of arlington cemetery and had the opportunity to say thank you and visit some of our wounded warriors at walter reed. and then last night, we learned the news of this attack in benghazi. as americans, let us never, ever forget that our freedom is only sustained because there are people who are willing to fight for it, to stand up for it, and in some cases, lay down their lives for it. our country's only as strong as the character of our people and the service of those, both civilian and military, who represent us around the globe. no acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for. today we mourn four more americans who represent the very best of the united states of america. we will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. and make no mistake, justice will be done. but we also know that the lives these americans led s
-- mrs. obama's zuningt causes has been working with veterans from iraq and afghanistan and certainly their families. that's why scott, the woman who is introducing michelle obama right now deserves special mention. her nay is elaine bry. she has five kids, four of them are serving in four different branches of the military. and they're trying to convince the fifth child to join the coast guard becauses that eat one part of the service that the military they aren't a part of. >> pelley: she's wearing a pin that says marine corps, air force, army and marines, absolutely. bob schieffer-- schieffer, ann romney last week gave a great speech to that convention, maybe the best speech of the whole convention. i think a lot of people in the obama campaign think it was the best speech. but they're expecting a lot from michelle obama tonight. you know, their campaign manager, i asked him today, i said how important is michelle obama to the obama campaign. he said i'll tell you how important she is she is the single most popular figure in american politics today. he said we want her out there. >
had lunch with two of his best friends and iraq talking about how a lot of the guys from the house have done pretty well some 30 years later and christmas number one analyst. i knew you is 26 us cool he wished just so smart and let up your room smiling during quiet but just a terrific guy who lost a very good man today. >>> we spoke with wind the middle east institute earlier this morning he action were to the ambassador before his final post in libya and says that he did not changed since you knew him in college >>> he added sakura talking about a light up your room smile. if he knows, and get home late because of what he had to give me he would same hotel your life that battle chris stevens did it. and he was even a little prankster oriented but just a fantastic guy and also very confident. >>> the splenda secretary of state said in a statement that stevens risked his own life to lend the libyan people helping hand and pull the foundation for a new free nation and also said he was committed to it venting america's values and interests even when it meant putting himself in dang
in iraq and the implementation of the recovery act. and jo joe biden, joe biden dida great job with both. >> now, he -- president obama appointed several members of his cabinet, even though he supported hillary in the primary. heck, he even appointed hillary. >> now, wait a minute. i am very proud of her. i am proud of the job she and the national security team have done for america. i am grateful to say they have worked to build a world safer and stronger, a world fewer enemies and the relationship of respect and partnership she and the president have employed and the signal that send to the rest of the world that democracy does not have to be a blood sport, it can be an honorable enterprise that advance it is public interests. [ cheers and applause ] >> but besides the national security team i am very grateful to the men and women who served our country in uniform through these perilous times. and i am especially grateful to michelle obama and to joe biden for supporting those military families while their loved ones are overseas. and of course, supporting our veterans when they come
improvement there's a live look from iraq caltrans cameras soon dried thyme crosses stretch is still pretty sluggish now 11 minutes between highway 237 into 80 the rest of your drive time-san jose downtown san as a self are looking pretty dead walking outside here's a look the milpitas ought to make it starts very busy though coming from the alta not pass it kind of slowing go for the 2 05 all layout for the dublin and change that is your times it will traffic back to you. 639 amass of marijuana crowd at the end of this entire sandras the neighborhood and has been uncovered during a raid this week officers found more than a thousand in the southern part of the city it's worth an estimated $2,000,000.15 people at arrested investigators also found traces of meth half a pound of cocaine half a dozen guns and 25. in cash in the neighbor had a loan it is all believe to be connected to gang activity. a ribbon cutting ceremony planned in south san jose for a pedestrian bridge with a sad history the bridge, crosses monterey road and is parallel train tracks in the blossom hill road interchange the
area. like iran's invasion into neighboring iraq. >> wants independence from iraq welcomed its occupiers. iraq took revenge. dropping cyanide and mustard gas on its own city. >> this is the austrian border. from here it's less than 50 miles to vee answer a. >> anthony was on the frontlines with refugees looking to escape the iron curtain just months before the fall of the berlin wall. >> caught seven today. >> yes. >> and they're looking for two more. >> yes. >> boris yelts in. >> he witnessed the fall of the soviet union. >> the communist party is really and truly on the run tonight. >> suddenly crude oil, black gold. >> in the '90s, he returned to the u.s. and named senior economics correspondent for cbs news. >> it could only be a matter of weeks before this financial crisis moves from here on wall street to main street. i'm anthony mason. this is a special edition of sunday morning. >> but anthony has also en lightened us with his own passion. >> you have 25 guitars back there. >> there's a lot of guitars and the reason is because there's a lot of different tunings. >> like
their deed for the last 10, 15 years since afghanistan, iraq and now around the world. so you got that movement going. you got mainstream islamic groups like muslim brotherhood groups in egypt and other places who are competing for a new place in the political arena that's evolving in these countries that's democraticizing and old pent up grievances against the united states and other western countries. you have three or four things coming together where they are evolving political conditions and people are competing to get public opinions, so these things come together and that's how we should best understand this. >> is this a subset of the arab world or a broad base thing? >> what's interesting you have these demonstrations all over the islamic world, indonesia, nigeria, bangladesh. the movie triggers anger and rage for muslims across the islamic world. in the arab world you have a set of political grievances against the u.s. and europe and other places and these are coming into play now. also deep competition going on now within political islam or islamized political groups. t
played sergeant nicholas brody, america's newest war hero freed after eight years of captivity in iraq >> brody is really a victim of war. that's what he is. he comes back absolutely eviscerated by war. damaged irreppably. and that's the human cost of war. >> reporter: carrie suffers from a by polar disorder, a cassandra character who speaks the truth that no one else believes. >> you don't know what you're doing. >> reporter: by the end of season one, she unravels and undergoes electro shock therapy. while brody at the last minute aborts his suicide bomb plot. >> got a call for you from your daughter. >> this thing just came right out of the gates. it was, you know, within episode 2 or 3 people were talking about it. >> reporter: but lewis never imagined who was talking about the show. last spring he was invited to a state dinner at the white house for the british prime minister. president obama told him he was a fan of homeland. >> you know, i said to him and david cameron halfway through dinner, when do you guys get to watch tv because aren't you supposed to be running the free worl
unless we authorize the use of force against iraq, we would be on the wrong part of history. it turned out to be that there was no anthrax in that vial. >> interesting man. >> charlie, you always have interesting people at the table. i'm always very curious to see who is going. an update on tuesday's story about the search for retired fbi agent robert levinson. he vanished in iran more than five years ago. when we interviewed iran's president he seemed to admit that they're holding levinson and there are on going negotiations for a prisoner swap. on tuesday levinson's wife christine spoke with senior correspondent john miller. >> were you surprised when you heard his comments? in the past he's asked and said much less. >> i was quite surprised but i was also happy to hear it. that means we can actually hopefully resolve bob's case. >> you consider these comments a step forward? >> yes, i do. i do. i hope the iranian government and president ahmadinejad will continue to work to return bob to his family. >> that's a really interesting story. when we talked to him about that, there's indi
this is a vulnerability. iraq, the signature weapon system that we hadn't seen before was the ied. we had to adjust to that. here i think the signature attack that we're beginning to see is going to be the insider attack. >> lara, the big question about u.s. troops in afghanistan is the 2014 departure date. will this hasten or delay it? >> well, charlie, he's the commanding general, right? so he's not going to commit himself to anything like that, but you just have to look at the effect that this has had to realize that it can impact on when the troops are coming home. i got a sense even that there was a feeling there was a push for troops to come home even sooner than the end of 2014. but that's a political timetable and a political push more than what is driven by the reality on the battlefield. i think this is such a severe crisis that general allen clearly was in crisis mode doing everything he could to try and bring this under control right now because of the implications not just for the short term training mission but for the long term, how are you going to keep americans there over the long
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